Reps Disown Lawmaker’s Proposal For the Impeachment of Buhari

On Sunday, the House of Representatives rejected a call by one of its members for impeachment proceedings to begin against President Muhammadu Buhari.

Hon. Hon! Earlier on Sunday, in a press release, Kingsley Chinda, representing Obio/Akpor Federal Constituency in Rivers State at the House of Representatives, called on Nigerians to force their representatives to launch the impeachment process against the president regardless of the political party, tribe, or religion.

Hon! The demand for impeachment by Chinda is not unrelated to the growing cases of insecurity being experienced across the country.

The House resolved last week to summon the President over the issue.

The House spokesperson, however, Hon. Chinda’s call was identified by Benjamin Kalu as the “opinion of a single opposition party member in the house.”

He said it was not logical to call for impeachment as the President has yet to appear before the House to clarify what his administration is doing to resolve the security problem.

“If this call came after the visit of the President for the failure to dialogue adequately in securing solutions or because of his inability to use our positions, it would seem logical,” Kalu said.

“Unfortunately, not only is this call illogical, it appears as a mischievously thrown up tool to disrupt the agenda of the coming visit with everything it sets out to accomplish in the spirit of nation-building that remains the 9th Assembly’s mantra and is considered a joint task.”

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