Hackers are already attacking WhatsApp accounts: How to avoid hacking

How to avoid WhatsApp Hack

How to avoid WhatsApp hack

Imagine sitting in your home or hanging out with a couple of friends, and suddenly the phone starts to buzz. Several people are calling to ask whether you’re responsible for sending messages to a WhatsApp group about investment in a scheme.

In the last few weeks, this has been the experience of many Nigerian WhatsApp users.

Yet it does not seem to be unique to Nigeria. An Israeli technology company — Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. has reportedly found a number of vulnerabilities in an instant messaging system owned by Facebook.

The company disclosed that by manipulating the sender’s identity and addresses, hackers can manipulate addresses sent to a Team.

It is coming after attackers who mounted advanced spyware on an unknown number of smartphones have allegedly hacked WhatsApp. The attackers have been able to mount the security technologies by calling targets utilizing the voice contact function of WhatsApp, according to sources.
Ayodele (not his real name), one of the concerned WhatsApp members, reported that his phone number had been updated and that he was automatically excluded from a network connected to WhatsApp. The alleged hacker also sent notifications regarding an investment to the group promising that the investor earns double the amount spent within 30 minutes.

A call to the accused hacker to esquire about the proposed investment was placed through further to examine the breach. The hacker claimed that “the investment is legitimate and secure, and is regulated under the Authority on Corporate Affairs.”
He then instructed the caller to send the desired sum of investment to an account number that he provided.

Ayodele further claimed that he was not aware of the compromise until he began receiving numerous calls from some group members to clarify that he was responsible for the messages.
Taking into consideration recent complaints and reports about the theft of WhatsApp, it appears to be facing security issues compared to Twitter.
In spite of the recent security concerns,

Here are a few things to do to avoid defrauding or hacking.

Don’t use the outdated WhatsApp version

Evite utilizing an unsupported WhatsApp update. WhatsApp has removed the famous GBWhatsApp however some people often find a way to update it on their smart phones.

Allow two-step verification process

To do just that, click on WhatsApp settings, select password, then choose two-step verification to enter a 6-digit Number.

When finished, WhatsApp is easy to use and secure from hackers.

For Group members compromised

It is advisable to call the group member whose number has sent unsolicited messages to the group in order to clarify whether they’ve been hacked.

Drop and re-add member of party

When hacked, the admin will remove the group member, then re-add it. Once it is finished, it would be difficult for the suspected intruder to transmit messages to the community again.

WhatsApp has become an important part of millions of people’s lives so it’s a smart practice for users to alert friends and families about the breach while using the app to prevent personal data exploitation or scams.

Hackers are already attacking WhatsApp accounts: How to avoid hacking

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